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1. Email your inputs and comments to:

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How the Forum works

The Frontlines Forum is a 'moderated' forum.
Each cycle of the Forum discussions focuses upon a specific topic relevant to climate change. 

1. A lead article is sent out by email to the Forum mailing list and is simultaneously posted on the home page of the Forum website.
2. Participants are invited to submit observations, comments and other inputs by return email or by emailing
3. After a few weeks, highlights of participants’ responses are compiled into an article by the moderator. This 'Highlights of Responses' article is sent out by email to the Forum mailing list and are simultaneously posted on the website homepage.
4. Responses from participants continue to be compiled, posted and emailed every few weeks until the topic under discussion approaches completion.
5. At the close of a discussion topic, all responses submitted during this discussion are made available on the Forum website. You can find this by following the last link (labelled 'View all responses') of the discussion topic menu on the right-hand side of the page.
6. A new topic is then launched and the cycle begins again from step 1 above. 

The Forum is run in English, French and Spanish, with the possibility for additional languages to be added if necessary resources become available.

Sharing information

The goal of the Frontlines Forum is to promote the open sharing and exchange of observations, experiences and innovations among indigenous and local communities, as well as with the general public. To this end, all contributions submitted to the Forum will be posted on the Forum website. They will therefore be accessible via the Forum website to all contributors and participants, as well as the general public.

Participants are encouraged to provide inputs that can be shared widely.

These inputs may be compiled into a database of local experiences
with climate change impacts and adaptation strategies.